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In the most prestigious Spas and finest beauty centers in the world. 

Gerard’s an Italian luxury Skincare and Spa Treatments Company is positioned at the most prestigious end of the international Spa Industry. Gerard’s is based on natural skincare with professional wellness treatments. Some Products used are marine D.N.A & Caviar.

All Facials Are Taylor Made for Each Skin Type Using The Correct Skin Type Products Just For You!(We don’t and won’t use just 1 range of products for all skin types as you wont benefit, or achieve the results you want)


Prescriptive Luxury Facials

Gerard’s signature facials for your specific skin type. Sensydra | Rebalance | Purity

Sensydra Facial £40.00

Experience this unique blend of Aloe, Mango and Sweet Almond that nourishes, repairs and softens the skin. This is a deep cleansing facial, combining exfoliation, a unique massage and a relaxing mask. This facial is moisturising and soothing for normal to sensitive skin types that have a tendency to dehydrate and redden.

Rebalance Facial £40.00

Feel the active ingredients of Apple, Horsetail and Nettle that instantly balance your skins pH level. This is a deep cleansing treatment, combining exfoliation, a unique massage and a relaxing mask. This balancing facial is for an oily to combination skin with visible pores and shiny areas.

Purity Facial 

£40.00 Purity Facial brings together Almond Oil and Vitamins A C and E that return freshness, comfort and hydration to young and oily skin. This is a deep cleansing facial combining exfoliation, a unique massage and a relaxing mask. The purifying line is ideal for skin tending to-wards acne, prone to severe breakouts with a shiny complexion and signs of irritation.

Prescriptive Anti ageing facial            £46.00

Depending on your skin type we will use the right skin care range for you. Sensydra|Rebalance|Purity .

This will include anti ageing products for a more lifting and firming result, using a lifting mask, eye cream, firming vitamins different massage techniques.


Gerards Elements Mens Facials

The Luxury Facial (cleanse, tone, exfoliate, hot towel, massage, mask & moisturise)

The elements facial contains a unique combination of natural active ingredients and high tec complexes, which restore balance to the skin, keeping it naturally hydrated and protected from premature ageing. What men really want and need!


Acid Peel Derma Shine3 Luxury - £60.00

Includes acid peel on hands & massage.

Derma Shine 3 - The peeling for the cell’s renewal illuminating effect + lifting effect. The ultimate derma acid peel for the cell’s renewal with 3 Acid Complex, The Treatment is perfect for thick, keratinised, dull skin showing signs of aging, hyper-pigmentation, acne imperfections post-acne scars, and breakouts. It is applied to the face, neck, décolleté & hands.

The Top Three Results:

A Porcelain skin effect (skin’s complexion is uniform and smooth), with its intense illuminating results, and lifting &firming effect.

This treatment is perfect for both women and men. Advised to have the treatment three times a year (in spring, autumn and winter), and whenever you want to give new radiance to your skin. Courses Available ask for details.


Collagen Eyes Facial


Treatment with lifting effect that rejuvenates the eye contour

Gerard's perfect luxury facial tailored to your skin type. A true delight to the skin around the eyes, what are showing signs of ageing, wrinkles, de-hydration, lack of elasticity, reddening & swelling. It reduces wrinkles, while decongesting and smoothing the skin with a lifting effect. Using the purest and most concentrated form of Collagen, in this high quality eye treatment to soothe calm and refresh the eyes. The effect is immediate the skin will look revitalised, softened and the wrinkle profile visibly reduced. With its oxygenating products and anti-oxidant properties, it is geared towards any age group that loves the revitalising boosting effects of collagen.


Rigenera Marine D.N.A Facial


Revitalizing, Restoring, De-stressing

This facial is suitable for all skin types, If you have devitalized, stressed, dull, loose skin, this is the perfect Result facial for you. This is an innovative anti-ageing facial which firms & lifts at the same time. Combining 100% pure A, C & E vitamins, Pure collagen, and Marine D.N.A. To give the skin a boost of vitality, increasing the tissue’s repair, helping in dramatically reducing signs of aging and firming the relaxed contours of the face. Using a gym work out for the face, what works with all the facial muscles simulating them to restore. Visible results to the face, neck and décolleté., after just one treatment!


5* Luxury **Caviar Facial **


'A Concentration of Youth for the Skin'

The Most Luxurious Facial Off Them All – Caviar increases the development of new tissue growth and cell renewal leaving your skin looking revitalised, firm, youthful & Silky Smooth. Combined with a luxurious finger-tip-energising massage that will relax the mind and at the same time stimulate the circulation, soften facial expressions and firm the facial contours. A must for mature skin wanting a new lease of life.


Check out the OFFERS PAGE to RECEIVE a Complimentry;

Deep Relaxing Scalp Treatment

OR An Holistic Foot Therapy Treatment

with any full price facial



Luxury Micro Dermabrasion facial

Tailor made to your skin type. 

This high-tech facial combines Gerards skin care products, fine crystals to remove the dead skin cells and suction them gently off the face.The procedure has proven to be clinically effective to treat or diminish:

  • Dry
  • Dry or Patchy Skin
  • Oily Skin
  • Fine Lines and Wrinkles
  • Sun Damaged Skin
  • Hyperpigmentation Superficial Age Spots
  • Acne Prone Skin and Acne Scars
  • Blackheads & Whiteheads
  • Certain Types of Scar Tissue

Microdermabrasion maintains youth and vitality. It helps restore our natural GLOW. This non-surgical treatment is painless, convenient, and immediately effective.Because we use products to target your problem areas & skin type, it is more effective and beneficially for you rather than using a basic range for all skin types (thats not going to help )


Dermal Roller SR

Dermal Roller SR is a precision engineered, hand-held medical device that helps combat the appearance of scars, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, stretch marks, cellulite and even hair loss. Micro skin needling encourages collagen and elastin production within the skin and helps to reduce the appearance of skin imperfections making the skin smoother, brighter, healthier and younger looking.

We sell Retail Products for Skin Care or Body so you can enjoy the luxury at home.

Every Month there will be a new Facial Or Body Treatment Special ********** OFFER **********

**** Voucher are available ****

Packages will be available with a choice of luxury treatments to choose from.

Go on to Gerards Luxury Body Page for more detailed information on the amazing Treatments.











Caviar age-out pearls

Caviar Cream










Gerards Luxury Body treatments!

*Dead Sea Salts Scrub

*Reminessence Treatment

*Beauty Mamma (Mother to be package)

*Ritual Candle Massage

*Tibet Massage (indian ritual)

*Deep Cleansing Back

*Mens Back, Neck & Shoulder (includes feet scrub & massage)

*Aroma Therapy Massage

*Aroma Therapy Head Massage

*Oil or Cream Massage

& More .................................


Luxury Body Treatments

Ritual Candles Massage

Tibet Massage