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Luxury Gerards Body Treatments

*Dead Sea Salts -

Can be applied to feet, back, hands.

This top to toe exfoliation treatment removes impurities, stimulates circulation and boosts cell regeneration. Your skin will be buffed, polished and massage exfoliated with a revitalising body scrub & exfoliant infused with oligo elements to stimulate the elasticity of the skin and the natural production of collagen. Afterwards you will feel revived and uplifted with skin that feels super-smoothe and radiant….

*Beauty Mamma -

Be Pampered with Gerards Pregnancy Pamper Treatment for the face and body. 100% active Shea Butter rich in vitamin E are used to soften and protect the skin and to help combat and prevent stretch marks and cellulite during pregnancy. For face and full body.

* Reminessence Relax -

A revitalizing experience to regenerate, moisturize and tone ReMinEssence three-phase treatment is the perfect combination of specific products, as well as specific massage movements, which aim at restoring skin’s suppleness, nourishing, hydrating and protecting, while also stimulating the cells regeneration and restoring the best cutaneous metabolism. 

  • PHase 1: REGENERATING SCRUB - A powerful synergetic combination, composed of micronized crystals of Corundum, Rhodochrosite extract, red Seaweed, Aloe and Calendula, to smooth and regenerate the skin, reducing stress.
  • PHASE 2: DEEP HYDRATION - The body is surrounded by ReMinEssence Hydrating Mousse Cream, a highly performing cream compress, containing Malachite extract: a real super-moisturizing full-immersion, followed by the face and body harmonizing massage.
  • PHASE 3: INTENSIVE TONE - ReMinEssence Firming Elixir, containing Hematite, pure essential oils and exclusive elasticizing ingredients, is deeply absorbed by the skin thanks to precise firming movements with push-up effect.

*Ritual Candles Massage-

(imagine the warmth of the candle being drizzled over your body for a relaxing hostilic massage with luxury ingredients & Elements of Zodiac) 

New delight Ritual Candles:

lighting your delight. The flames of Ritual Candles radiate four sumptuous essences, each one corresponding to the elements of the signs of the Zodiac. Body and mind are in constant need of different stimulus. Let’s treat ourselves with a magical moment and enhance the benefits of the massage with these candles. Indulge in the fresh marine fragrance of Acqua, the exhilarating bouquet of Aria, the sensual warmth of Fuoco, and the spicy scent of Terra. The massage will turn into a new delightful experience.

Ritual treatment:

An embracing massage Almond oil, Coconut oil and Shea butter: the finest gifts from nature enclosed in a candle to take care of the body. The candle’s flames melt these splendid and selected substances which, through the massage, have nourishing, toning and intensely hydrating effects on the skin. Let’s pamper ourselves with the massage which is right for us. Select the perfect remedy between the toning, remodeling or firming massage for women, and the relaxing, anti-stress or restoring massage for men.

 Tibet Deep Hot Bundle Massage -

This unique treatment comes from the highest regions in the world.

The secret of the Tibet treatment is enclosed in bundles of Himalayan pebbles where Salts from the Dead Sea are applied to the body with warm fragrant Sweet Almond Oil.

This exotic treatment gives an incredible and pleasant sensation of lightness by detoxifying, relaxing and revitalizing the skin, bones and muscles.

A wonderfully soft and velvety sensation is experienced and carries on long after the treatment has finished.