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Lash Lift & Perm

(Before & After Pictures in Gallery)

**Love the false look of lashes or semi permanent lashes but cart cope with the up keep??? But want to look good for your holidays , special occasions?? Try The new way of perming your lashes with I-Appeal Everyone wants the big lash look. But while lash extensions are a great solution for many, there are those who prefer a natural solution which adds length, volume and lift to your natural lashes and lasts up to 6-8 weeks! (includes a eyelash tint) It lifts from the root unlike the old versions of perming where they curl back and look shorter, instead the lifting action gives a great curl but lifting upwards and not back .

I-appeal & Crybaby work perfectly together to give you the lifted, shaped, curled, dark , thick water proof beautiful Mascara lashes, from natural to Glam. I-appeal can also be done before 3D semi permanent eyelashes. Also Crybaby can just be applied to your bottom eyelashes if you have 3D Semi Permanent lashes.


* lash lift & perm = £50.00

(offer includes eyelash tint , eyebrow wax & tint.)

* Crybaby SPM = £30-£35.00 top and bottom lashes

* Crybaby SPM bottom lashes = £12.00

* Crybaby SPM Removal = £12.00 includes a collagen lash soak

* Lash Lift & Crybaby SPM = * £65.00 * offer includes eyebrow wax & tint . ( no eyelash tint ) ment to be £85.00